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Effects of the Aquatic Environment on the Control of Upright Stance: A Pilot Study. A Marinho, A.Barela, M.Celestino, M Camargo, M Popovic, M Verrier. Abstract 13 at UHN Current Concepts Conference, Jan 25, 2013.



Aquatic Aerobic Exercise For Children With Cerebral PalsyA Pilot Intervention Study

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Wounds & Water -Villalta EM et al.2012 Early aquatic physical therapy improves function and does not increase risk of wound-related adverse events for adults after orthopeadic surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

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Effectiveness of aquatic therapy for the control of pain and increased functionality in people

with Parkinson’s disease: a randomized clinical trial 

Journal: European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (2017). December; 53(6): 825-32

Aquatic therapy improves pain, disability, quality of life, body composition and fitness in sedentary adults with chronic low back pain. A controlled clinical trial

Journal: Clinical Rehabilitation (2014). 28(4): 350 –360.

Zoheiry IM, Ashem HN, Hamada Ahmed HA, Abbas R., Effect of aquatic versus land based exercise programs on physical performance in severely burned patients: a randomized controlled trial. 2017. J Phys Ther Sci.29:2201–2205


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