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Andresa R. Marinho Buzelli, BSc PT, MSc, PhD

Research Advisory Member of CARI

Andresa R. Marinho-Buzelli has recently achieved her doctoral degree from the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto. Her thesis work focused on the analysis of postural control and the initiation of walking of individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury (iSCI) during immersion in water. Andresa is a physiotherapist trained in Brazil with specialization in Neurorehabilitation and a Master’s in Neurophysiology. She worked as a professor in Neurorehabilitation in a school of Physical Therapy in Brazil where she started the investigation of the effects of aquatic therapy on mobility of individuals with neurological disorders. Andresa’s long-term research vision is to develop optimal and feasible aquatic therapy for the rehabilitation of balance and mobility of individuals with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions. She is currently involved in research at Lyndhurst Hospital, Toronto. 

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