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Equipment & Swim Suits                           Therapy products

Thick Therapy Noodles

Resistance equipment, neck cuffs, suits

Nekdoodle multi-use



Adapted swimsuits

Adaptive swimsuits

Therapy pools, Educational Webinars

Swim aids

Suits, nekdoodles, dumbbells

International Aquatic Physical Therapy Groups/ Conference

Physical Therapy International

Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute, USA

European Conference on Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic Group Exercise Instructor Training 


Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance - CAL

WaterArt - Canada

Aquatic Exercise Association- AEA, USA

Aquatic Therapy Courses 

Watsu , USA

Halliwick Method, Europe

Aquaticnet Courses - USA

Valens 12-day Modular, Switzerland


Related Websites of Interest

OsteoCircuit , Bonny O’Hare, PT

For the Love of Fit, Connie Jasinskas, MSc

EWAC Medical



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