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Hey There

Thank you for joining us at the Canadian Aquatic Therapy Zoom Day!

on October 17th, 2021!

We welcomed aquatic enthusiasts from Canada, USA and Isreal! 

Dual Task Training – Emily Dunlap, PT.  Take full advantage of the aquatic environment using dual-task training techniques to achieve functional mobility. Emily will present the rationale, evidence and therapeutic use of dual-task training for patients with balance and cognitive challenges.



SCI and Aquatic Therapy – Alison Bonnyman, PT.  Individuals with spinal cord injury present with unique challenges and can truly benefit from the aquatic environment. Alison will review the evidence, precautions, contraindications and aquatic therapy techniques that address abilities and functional goals for these individuals.



Finding Water – Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc., CEP.   We need water for life, but also for aquatic therapy! Connie will lead a discussion about access to appropriate aquatic spaces. What are your issues? What solutions have you found? Are you building your own aquatic space? Share your ideas and questions.

Thank you to all for donating to SCI Ontario.