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Deanna Lentini, MScPT

Aquatic Physiotherapist, Paediatric 


Deanna Lentini completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at University of Toronto in 2019 and has been practicing in the paediatric and orthopaedic settings. She has a special interest in aquatic physiotherapy and she is fascinated by how the physical properties of water can be leveraged for its therapeutic value.

She has completed Aquatic Physiotherapy training courses both locally with CARI and internationally, WATSU Level 1. Deanna recently completed the Halliwick 4-day training course at the Kayla Treatment Centre in Toronto in 2022. She practices in the pool +20 hours per week, working with children in the GTA.

Deanna grew up around water, involved in competitive swimming and lifeguarding, so the passion is lifelong! 

She will be teaching the CARI Paediatric Aquatic Therapy courses. 

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