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Effect of aquatic versus land based exercise programs on physical performance in severely burned patients: a randomized controlled trial


Journal: Journal of Physical Therapy Science. 29: 2201–2205, 2017 



Authors: Zoheiry IM, Ashem HN, Hamada Ahmed HA, Abbas R. 


Brief Description: Two groups of 20 men, ages 27 to 37, independent, community dwelling with chronicsevere burn (TBSA more than 30%) participated in 12 weeks of aquatic exercise, 3x/wk for 45 minutes; consisting of Walking warm-up with UE work, flexibility of neck, trunk, shoulders, and pelvis, CV endurance x10 min, resistance for UE & LE, cool down with squat, walking. The pool temp was 30C and depth is presumed at chest deep based on discussion. They measured VO2max, TUGT, 30 sec STS, 6MWT, stair climbing.

Results: Both groups benefited in all measures from the physical exercise, however, the aquatic group had significantly greater improvement than the land-based group.


Take Home Message: The researchers believed that the immersion effects of joint off-loading and reduced strain on the cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems resulted in the better outcomes in the aquatic exercise group. So obvious, but good to back with research! So go ahead… spread the benefits of aquatic immersion!

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