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CARI Course Descriptions

Canadian Aquatic Rehab was founded in 2011; it was dreamt about in 2002...

The goal is to offer relevant, applicable, evidence-based aquatic therapy courses that you will be excited about. We have approached it both as basic to advanced and condition-specific or therapeutic goal oriented. Aquatic Therapy is an internationally developing practice with more and more applications backed up by research. There are many methodologies that manipulate hydrodynamic properties and we integrate those into all courses. 

We can tailor course content to your facility and patient needs. 


Here is a list and description of CARI courses we have created so far:

1.  Foundational Aquatic Therapy Part 1 & Part 2

Part 1 explains the Whys of Aquatic Therapy. Hydrodynamic properties, contraindications and precautions to treatment. Exercise prescription fundamentals using buoyancy, turbulence and drag.

Part 2 is in-pool, using case-based learning, exploring the effects of immersion on movement; developing effective exercises; manipulating the water to assist or resist, based on the client's goals. Small group problem-solving and presenting helps cement the concepts. 

2.  Aquatic Therapy for Neurological Conditions

3.  Aquatic Therapy in Orthopaedics 

4.  Paediatric Aquatic Therapy

5.  Aquatic Therapy for Gait & Balance Re-training

6.  Aquatic Therapy for Chronic Pain

7.  Aquatic Therapy in Pre-Post Natal Care

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